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The emblem of the movement is an eight-pointed star made of gold arrows.

The emblem of the movement is an eight-pointed star made of gold arrows.

Until recently he worked as a consultant in the office of AfD member Markus Frohnmaier.

Now the Berlin public prosecutor is investigating Ochsenreiter because of an arson attack in Ukraine. During their research, and the ARD political magazine “Kontraste” came across a network of hatred for Western values ​​and ways of life. 

The goal: Europe as a Russian protectorate

Because when Ochsenreiter goes traveling, he has different conversation partners than the suit-wearing politicians in Berlin: These include paramilitaries, separatists and militants, neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, yellow vests and Stalinists. The research shows: Ochsenreiter has for years been an important key figure in a movement that is striving for a Europe under Russian rule. It relies on destabilization and chaos – and is committed to the ideas of the fascist ideologist Alexander Dugin.

Dugin’s proposal: “We would just make Europe our protectorate.” (Source: imago / ITAR-TASS)

The Moscow-based philosopher has been giving the most radical anti-democrats in all of Europe a common ideology for years: a Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok under the authoritarian rule of Russia. “We have to conquer, integrate and connect Europe,” he said willingly in an interview. European armed forces are hardly available. “We would simply make Europe our protectorate.” Then he explained how minority rights should be dismantled and state “patriotic censorship” introduced. 

Dugin’s allies in the Bundestag

Dugin hopes for support for this idea from Europe itself: “It is certain that there is a pro-Russian fifth column in Europe. These are European intellectuals who want to strengthen their European identity.” There is much to suggest that some of his contacts are now in and out of the German Bundestag.

Because Manuel Ochsenreiter – the former employee of the AfD member of the Bundestag Markus Frohnmaier – has had a lot in common with Dugin and his ideology for years. So much that serious questions arise. Neither Ochsenreiter nor Frohnmaier want to answer and “Kontraste”. They don’t respond to inquiries any more than Dugin’s organization.

Dugin’s think tank “Katehon”: Ochsenreiter and Frohnmaier appear as authors there. (Source: Screenshot /

Dugin leads a so-called think tank in Moscow, which is supposed to spread and promote his ideology: “Katehon”. Ochsenreiter is an author and a welcome interview guest for the associated Internet portal – he even managed the German Facebook presence as an administrator, as a screenshot shows.

In addition, he met Dugin several times and invited him to the readers’ meeting of his right-wing magazine “First!” a. A book by Dugins that is in the same group as “First!” appeared, contains detailed conversations between the two. 

Ochsenreiter’s contacts in the AfD

However, his political commitment went beyond that: At the same time, Ochsenreiter made contacts with like-minded people in the AfD. This was also noticed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which mentions its contacts there in the recently prepared report on the party.

Ochsenreiter at the AfD-Russia Congress: He wants to “de-Americanize” German foreign policy – and at the same time maintains close contacts with Russia. (Source: Jonas Mueller-Töwe / t-online)

Through today’s member of the Bundestag Markus Frohnmaier, Ochsenreiter got in touch with the highest party circles, because the young politician was initially the spokesman for the then chairwoman Frauke Petry, later the top candidate Alice Weidel. Ochsenreiter was there when all AfD parliamentary groups signed a joint declaration to abolish the Russia sanctions in Saxony. He even sat on a podium with Saxony-Anhalt’s then party leader André Poggenburg at the state association’s Russia congress.argumentative essay topics special needs

The network of the “Eurasian Movement”

“If we make servants and foot soldiers of a power outside Europe – the USA – then it harms us and our neighbors,” he said there. German foreign policy must be “de-Americanized”. “Your party can help ensure that such a Germany becomes a reality.” In Eastern Ukraine he even called the “complete de-Americanization of Europe” the most important future project of the continent.

Ochsenreiter’s contacts also extend far beyond the German borders – to the Eurasian movement abroad. His travels have left their mark on social media, on news sites and in the pro-Russian think tanks that made it possible for and “Kontraste” to outline the network. Please click on the markings on the map:

When young men in military camouflage wandered through the woods not far from Moscow in October 2016 and trained to use war weapons, they took part in a “war camp” run by Alexander Dugin’s “Eurasian Youth Movement”. She is under US sanctions because she is said to have recruited fighters for eastern Ukraine. The Associated Press reported extensively on the camp. The emblem of the movement is an eight-pointed star made of gold arrows.

And Manuel Ochsenreiter and his political allies are often seen with this star. The former AfD employee apparently has close ties to the movement.

One association board – two criminal proceedings

When Ochsenreiter founded the “German Center for Eurasian Studies” in Berlin together with the AfD politician Markus Frohnmaier and the alleged Russian spy Mateusz Piskorski, a little later a man appeared on the association’s website as an “expert” who Actually the head of administration of the “Eurasian Movement” is: It is Leonid Savin, the right-hand man of the ideologist Dugin.

Ochsenreiter meets him in Serbia, where they pose together with the flag of the “Eurasian Movement”. Ochsenreiter meets him in Tehran at a conference of Holocaust deniers, where they pose with the flag. Ochsenreiter conducts an interview with him for his magazine “First!”. Ochsenreiter is listed as a member of an “artist association” affiliated with the movement.

Wherever Ochsenreiter appears abroad, the emblem of the “Eurasian Movement” is usually not far. In Poland it is on the table when he meets political allies of the fascist “Falanga”. The right-wing extremist Hungarian Jobbik, whose long-term boss Ochsenreiter had contacts, uses training material with the emblem. And wherever the emblem appears, a noticeably large number of activists campaign for the separatist uprising in Ukraine. There the idea of ​​destabilization becomes political practice. Ochsenreiter travels to the areas several times – also together with AfD politician Markus Frohnmaier. 

Almost all the central figures of this network are organized in Dugin’s think tank “Katehon”, whose German Facebook page is managed by Ochsenreiter. Even Frohnmaier appears as an author and interview partner.

Behind Dugin is a Russian oligarch

The founder and financier of “Katehon” is the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofejew. The Russian, who allegedly weighs around two billion euros, has been subject to sanctions for years: both the USA and the European Union accuse him of significantly financing the separatists in Ukraine and supporting the propaganda for the annexation of Crimea. In an interview with the Austrian news magazine “Profil” he spoke about the background to his commitment to Dugin.

The Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofejew: He finances the structures that Dugin uses for his authoritarian propaganda. (Source: imago / ITAR-TASS)

“I founded the TV station Tsargrad and the think tank Dugin is the editor-in-chief of both organizations. That means we are constantly in direct contact with one another and share the same worldview.” Dugin’s “Eurasian Movement” also resides at the station’s Moscow address.

There is no information about possible financial donations to Ochsenreiter for his work in the think tank “Katehon”. Ochsenreiter did not respond to requests from and “Kontraste”. A spokeswoman for Malofeyev denied any payments to the British newspaper “Guardian”. It is also unclear whether AfD politician Frohnmaier is close to Dugin’s ideas. His joint association with Ochsenreiter and Piskorski offered both Dugin and his right hand a stage. Frohnmaier has always described his membership in the association as private.

Russia affair: alleged spy founded associations with German politicians Indictment: AfD confidante allegedly worked for Russian secret service Terror trial: Ochsenreiter allegedly initiated attack in Ukraine Affair in the Bundestag: suspicion against Ochsenreiter is confirmed

Ochsenreiter and Piskorski have denied the criminal charges. Piskorski could soon leave prison in Poland on bail, but the country could not. The indictment continues. Where Manuel Ochsenreiter is currently staying is unknown, according to the Berlin public prosecutor.

The ARD politics magazine Kontraste shows a contribution to the Ochsenreiter affair on Thursday, January 31, 2018 at 9.45 p.m. 

Update, May 23, 2019: After his connections to Russia were the subject of numerous critical media reports in the meantime, Frohnmaier made a statement through his lawyer. Frohnmaier was present when the association was founded with Mateusz Piskorski in April 2016 and published a photo of him with Piskorski in the Crimea, taken a little later. However, the declaration states that Piskorski was not known to him personally either when the association was founded or afterwards.

Frohnmaier further explains that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with the club and pushed for its liquidation after the allegations became known. The first reports on the allegations were made on August 16, 2017. In an interview with the Russian news portal “Sputnik” on August 18, 2017, Frohnmaier defended the association and stated that the center would be held in kin custody. The portal quoted him as follows: “We are currently checking whether we as a center can take legal action against the media reports.” In May 2018, he informed that the association was private. He does not allow the alleged activities of third parties to be attributed to him. According to the register of associations, the association still exists as of May 23, 2019. 

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Self-driving cars and autonomous robots should communicate with each other at lightning speed. For that you need faster networks. The 5G network should be available for mobile users from 2020. At Mobile World, t-online-de looked at examples of what will be possible with it in the future.

Facts about 5G peak downlink rate: 20 GBit / s, peak uplink rate: 10 GBit / s, minimum data rate for end users in the downlink: 100 Mbit / s, minimum data rate for end users in the uplink: 50 Mbit / s, delay time: no more than four milliseconds. Connection density: up to 1 million devices per km2. Reduction of energy consumption to a tenth of today’s systems. Increase in the relative speed of movement to 500 km / h

At the “Mobile World Congress” (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​the “5G” symbol is emblazoned on many stands. The abbreviation stands for the fifth generation of mobile communications. It is intended to make the “Internet of Things” with its networked devices, people, houses and cities a reality.

But what does the reality of this gigabit society look like? Telecom providers, smartphone manufacturers and network equipment suppliers – they all outdo each other at MWC in realizing the digital transformation with the help of the 5G network: The technology should provide users with faster, mobile Internet deliver short transmission times (see box). Some companies want to install the first commercial 5G networks this year. In 2019, 5G should then be available in the area. 

So far, however, there have only been tests that are used to resolve any problems that may arise. In the future, data will flow through power grids, above the clouds, in tiny data centers on the roadside, to smartphones and voice assistants. “We are pioneers in 5G. In the past year alone, we laid 40,000 kilometers of fiber optics in Germany, more than the kilometers of the entire network of federal highways. We were the first in Europe to bring 5G antennas into the real mobile network, “explains Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom. Football in the stadium live on all spectators’ smartphones

An example of the concrete use of the 5G network: At the moment it would cost a lot of money to equip many cameras from different positions with fiber optics in the football stadium. With the new standard, it would be possible to connect such cameras directly to the cellular network, process the content on site and send it directly to the smartphones or tablets of all 50,000 viewers


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