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The Benefits of Getting a LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn has only been around since 2002. Since this time, it has launched itself from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the biggest social networking modules in existence. With over 467 million total LinkedIn users, this means that a rather large fraction of the entire world’s professional community uses LinkedIn to help them be more visible and presentable to potential employers.

In fact, setting up a LinkedIn Profile can be done within an hour. After you finish your profile, all you will need to do is routinely update it so that you are easier for an employer or colleague to find. Since it allows you to connect with other people that you have met in the professional world, it allows you a platform for easy professional networking.

If you want to stay current with worldwide professional trends, it is important that you create a LinkedIn account so that you can be more easily found by potential employers or clients. All this being said, here are 10 benefits to creating a LinkedIn profile today.

1. You Are Easily Found by Potential Employers and Current Colleagues

Since such a large portion of the world’s professional community uses LinkedIn, a common practice for an employer who is genuinely interested in you is to try to find you on LinkedIn. Since it is such a large platform, employers have gotten into a habit of trying to find potential employees on social networking sites like this one to learn more about the person behind a job application.

Many human resource professionals’ first instinct when they are curious about a job applicant is to simply search their name on LinkedIn. If you are not found on LinkedIn, it is easy for them to assume that you are not good with technology, marketing yourself, or keeping up with current professional trends.

Since corporations are always looking to improve and get better, showing that you can do this will greatly improve your chances of getting hired. After all, employers tend to like people who are comfortable living in the modern world and are savvy with the latest trends and current events.

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2. You Can Create Great First Impressions

First impressions are one of the most important parts of meeting and connecting with new people. Whether it be a professional acquaintance or personal friend, much of how people remember you stems from the first impression that you left them when you met.

Of course, our first impressions are not always perfect and we can always change how we feel and treat people after we get to know them better. However, creating a good first impression is one of the most important parts of starting any sort of new relationship on the right foot.

Anybody who uses LinkedIn for networking will discover that it allows you many different avenues to express who you are. For example, on one page you can add your professional skills, experience and educational background in an easy-to-read format.

It also allows others to see what professional articles you like to read, what kind of people you surround yourself with and what you are currently doing for work. Since there are many different ways that you can express who you are without meeting a potential employer, think of LinkedIn as the best way to leave an effective first impression before meeting them.

3. It is Easy to Network with Other Professionals in Your Niche

Although LinkedIn works great for allowing others to find you, it is also important for people for other purposes. Another great reason to get LinkedIn is that it will allow you to find others. Sometimes it is important to keep people you once bonded with close.

Whether you met somebody briefly and you like how he/she treated you in that moment, or you simply want to have quick contact access to somebody you know, LinkedIn is a professional and legitimate means of contacting someone without crossing the personal boundary.

When you network with other professionals on LinkedIn, it makes it easy for you to reach out to a large professional community whenever the need arises. There are a thousand reasons why you might need a large email list of professional workers in the future.

Think of LinkedIn as a system which allows you to easily ask for favours whenever you need them. Just be sure to be the kind of person that people want to give favours to, this way you can make full advantage of the benefits of having a professional contact list when an emergency arises.

4. Never Send Your Resume on an Application Again

In the modern world, most of everything is done online. Whether you are looking for potential jobs, new recipes for dinner or even to order your groceries, it can all be done online. Remember the days when you would print off your CV and take it with you whenever you went to a job interview? For the most part, those days are over.

Since most applications of the modern era are submitted online or through email, a common thing to do these days when you submit your application is to simply leave your LinkedIn URL wherever you find the best opportunity. Whether you submit an online application which allows you space to type and leave your LinkedIn profile, or send an email with a cover letter and your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn allows you to stop filling out new CVs and simply leave one online which is easily accessed by anyone.

Many online application modules will even allow you to pair with LinkedIn to bypass many of the most time-consuming tasks such as filling in your work history. In other words, once you have a LinkedIn profile and keep it regularly updated, you will never again have to print out paper CVs for job interviews.

5. Build an Online Work Portfolio

Often, it is the actual product that you can create with your work that matters much more than what you say. You can spend hours discussing how awesome you are at creating websites, for example, but it doesn’t necessarily convince people that you are a professional web designer.

In reality, the results you produce will be much clearer than you could ever imagine doing yourself. This is one of the benefits of using LinkedIn as your personal CV. Instead of simply working as a means of replacing a CV, it also works as an all-in-one professional marketing tool.

Unlike paper CVs, LinkedIn allows you to add in a digital work portfolio which can feature both online or offline content. This means if you designed a magnificent website that you want an IT company to see before they consider your job application, you can simply post the link on your profile.

Having the ability to create a work portfolio in the same place that is commonly used in place of a job application allows you to take full advantage of the benefits that come with a world turning more and more digital.

6. Mass Email the People in Your Professional Network

When you work with one company, odds are that they might give you access to the entire list of email addresses and phone numbers for all of the employees who also work for your company. However, you most likely won’t have access to this information if you resign from your position.

One of the perks of using LinkedIn is that it doesn’t take sides in professional quarrels and can serve as a permanent means of finding and taking advantage of the good contacts you have in the professional world. Since it allows you to mass email everybody that is in your professional circle, it is easy to call and ask for assistance whenever it is needed. Since each LinkedIn profile allows you to send one message which can be sent out to your entire catalogue of professional contacts, LinkedIn can also serve many professional purposes which go outside of simply being visible to potential employers.

7. Have Your Professional Skills Endorsed by Your Colleagues

What other people say about your work skills is much more important than what you have to say. The truth is that since people have a tendency to lie and/or exaggerate about themselves, the conclusions of your peers about you matter more than those that you deem yourself.

One of the avenues that LinkedIn allows you to thrive is to present your professional work portfolio. However, some things like customer service, for example, cannot always be easily identified by the contents of your work portfolio. In fact, there are many skills which are hard to prove over any sort of digital platform.

This is where the help of your professional colleagues comes in. If you have a skill that is difficult to prove using the included space for providing your work portfolio, you can simply drop a note asking your professional colleagues to endorse you for certain professional skills.

Each of the endorsements given to you by other professionals will show up on your public profile, allowing you to add them up and certify your expertise. Just be sure to be kind and endorse your colleagues back in an honest manner if they leave you an endorsement to help you out.

8. Find a New Job Using Their Job Listing Search Tool

If you have a great LinkedIn profile, you can then take full advantage of the perks that comes with being recognised for your professional skills. Although most of your time in the workforce can be summarised by upholding your job description and working hard, everybody goes through unemployment at one point or another.

It is important to be prepared for this circumstance. Although you can do things like saving an emergency fund, keeping a contact list and updating your LinkedIn profile, you will inevitably need to use LinkedIn for securing new work.

Thankfully, there is an online search tool conveniently located on the LinkedIn platform which allows you to find new work. Of course, these aren’t below-average minimum wage jobs that you will find on this search tool. There are many different listings for management, sales, engineering, IT, medicine, finance and more. Since job listings are added onto LinkedIn every day, think of it as being a website that will help you ensure that you remain employed. After all, consistent employment is one of the ways you can guarantee that you always secure enough income.

9. Easily Hear from All of Your Professional Colleagues

Anybody who uses Facebook will understand how easy it is to see what your friends are up to. Thanks to the feature used by several social media outlets which allows you to view a news feed of the most current activity, it is very easy to see what your friends are up to. Since LinkedIn functions as both a professional networking and social media news feed, it allows you to see what articles your boss likes, which management strategies your colleague prefers and so on.

With the advent of the social media news feed, we all can start to understand each other on a deeper level. Seeing who you are in-person can reflect a great deal about who you are, but who you are while you are by yourself also reveals a lot about your character. Since LinkedIn helps others to see what articles you like, what you publish and so on, it allows others to easily see what you are up to in the professional world.

This is why many people enjoy seeing the latest updates and activity from their professional colleagues using the LinkedIn website. Although it functions much like other social media websites, most people recognise the unwritten law that LinkedIn activity is only for professional-use purposes. Since LinkedIn functions both as a professional networking and modest social media website, it is a great tool for working professionals who are also personal friends.

10. Worldwide Visibility for You and Your Brand

When you are connected to the internet, you are much more easily found than you would be if you simply kept your birth certificate in a file in your home. This same idea holds true for business and personal ventures. When you market yourself using the internet, it is much easier to become known and recognised by the professional community in your niche.

If you have a business and you want to increase the ways that you are seen and interpreted by the public, creating a company page can make a big difference. Since LinkedIn allows you to make both a personal page and a page for your business, it is easy to use the different methods you have at hand to increase the visibility of what you do professionally to those who are looking for it.

Whenever you put yourself or your business on LinkedIn, you are then indexed and easily found by anybody who is looking for you. Using the same logic, an individual who seeks to secure employment in a foreign country will be deemed much more trustworthy if their potential employer can see their LinkedIn profile showing the praises and critiques of their prior professional contacts within their own country. Having the ability to be seen by anyone in the world with access to the internet is one of the most powerful tools any working professional can harness.

11. Instant Top Result on Google Searches

Outside of simply being able to access who you are using a link that you provide, LinkedIn will also help increase your visibility on Google, the world’s leading search engine. Think about it this way, if you have a name which is unique, the odds are high that your LinkedIn profile will show up as one of the top results when your name is searched on Google.

This means that if you want to make your mark in the world, it can all start with how you present yourself on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn helps you increase your visibility either as a professional worker or as a brand, it is foolish not to take the time and list yourself on this website.

However, keep in mind that if you have a name that is rather generic that you will probably share your top result position on the LinkedIn website with other profiles that have the same name. In any case, having the ability to be listed as a top result on Google is something that many websites will spend years working towards. Having instant access to the worldwide audience of search engines is one of the many reasons that people enjoy using LinkedIn.

Benefits of Getting a LinkedIn Profile: Summarised

As we can see here, there are many different benefits that come along with getting an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. In a world where technology is constantly evolving and growing, it is important to keep up with the latest technological trends. With a LinkedIn profile, you can keep up with the times and start getting recognised on a greater scale. Since LinkedIn offers you a great way to stay connected with your professional network and gives you the platform for keeping your employment status secure, it is one of the best tools to consider using in the modern working world.


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