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The 10 Best Job Boards to Kick-start Your Job Search

Looking for new and exciting job opportunities to suit your experience and inclination?

In earlier days, new jobs always used to be advertised on physical boards; they were essentially notices, typed out or written on paper and tacked up to the board. Nowadays, job boards can be found online and they are electronic versions of the older physical types. The very first place that any person searches for a job is online. Many job boards are general in nature, meaning that they advertise across industries, seniority levels and geographic locations. Other job boards are more specialised in nature.

However, as with other fields, recruiting is now a major sector and job boards compete with each other in expanding databases containing employee information. Most job boards will list open positions and request you to apply through their website. The applications are then forwarded to the relevant recruiters or the companies directly. If you choose to upload your profile onto a job board, it is likely to be seen by recruiters or HR who use the job board to search for suitable candidates. Recruiting professionals often browse these sites regularly. Hence, recruiting is now a mutual process where applicants and companies both reach out in their own respective ways.

If you have decided to return to work after a gap, a job board is an excellent way to kick-start your job search. Before we move on to describe the best job boards, let’s understand the advantages of using a job board to get a job in the first place. In addition to being a convenient and reliable resource for job seekers, job boards also allow you to upload your CV (congratulations, you have just begun building an online presence) and create customised searches that suit your requirements. In addition, if any employer is interested in your CV, you will receive notifications directly in your inbox. You don’t have to scour the website repeatedly.

Moreover, listings from multiple sites are collated on a single platform so you don’t have to sift through different sites (which can be difficult to do when you are trying to juggle a family and a career). You can search for jobs by applying filters regarding location, hours (part-time, full time, weekends, etc.), income, education and experience. This way you won’t waste your valuable time reading through job profiles that do not suit your requirements. In addition, most job boards also offer related services including CV writing or cover letter writing. After a gap, most of us may need assistance with writing out a result-oriented CV and a constructive cover letter. Norms and trends may have changed over time and by registering on a reliable job board, you are likely to receive additional assistance from experts.

By signing up to a few of the reputed job boards, you can free up a lot of your time and use it in a productive manner, say to enhance your education or spend time with your family. Once you have uploaded a good CV and customised your search, a certain minimum time spent each day on the site will most likely yield results in a short time. You may even become aware of new and exciting opportunities in your field that didn’t exist earlier. Overall, a job board is an excellent way to take the first key step towards returning to a career.

Job Boards

Best Job Boards for Work Opportunities in the UK


Glassdoor posts hundreds of new jobs on a daily basis and offers an innovative and colourful user interface complemented with user-friendly navigation features. It boasts of a growing database of millions of interview reviews, salary reports, company photos and much more. You can get personalised salary estimates and read anonymous reviews posted by employees of the company. In addition to the standard features of uploading your CV and searching for jobs, you can gain access to very useful information regarding your career. For example, their blog posts are regularly updated with real time information. You have the opportunity to learn about salaries, levels of compensation and job trends.

They regularly post the latest news in the world of recruiting and the news is categorised according to industry. Glassdoor is also available to potential job seekers through the mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. You can also avail of professional HR and recruiter services. In general, the job board is friendly, attractive and easy to navigate for information and guidance.


This has been consistently vying for the top slot as one of the best and most reliable job sites for UK residents and with good reason too. The site receives more than 200 million visitors from over 60 countries worldwide. The website is associated with expert algorithms that improve the likelihood that job searches found on other websites will be found here too. In other words, you are unlikely to miss out on any job opportunities if you are registered on Indeed. Indeed offers the best fit for companies of all sizes and also finds the best jobs for job seekers.

Indeed is also known for offering free registration of job postings to employers (they earn their commission only when a registered candidate accepts a job), so that makes this one of the most sought after websites for employers to post jobs on. Whenever a job posting is advertised, it’s likely to show up on Indeed very quickly.  Indeed works seamlessly from your laptop, Tablet, mobile or computer with the same speed and efficacy. You can set up email notification features to receive regular updates and enjoy access to millions of jobs advertised in newspapers, websites, company sites and classifieds.


LinkedIn is an extremely popular job search site that not only helps you find a job but also helps you connect with other candidates with similar interests and objectives. LinkedIn eliminates all the tedious legwork of having to write to companies or search your contacts for referrals. LinkedIn brings transparency to professional networks and you can see who your contacts work for, which company they have gone to and what people are talking about in general (with relation to jobs). If you have specific companies on your target list, you get notifications whenever there are changes. Hundreds of thousands of recruiters busily search LinkedIn databases every day to suss out suitable candidates.

Ensure that your profile has a catchy headline that grabs attention immediately. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to sell your skills, education and work experience to prospective employers. It pays to remember that with over 225 million members (and still growing strong), LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks in the world. It offers a number of invaluable resources regarding your field of expertise and you are able to keep yourself updated. This is especially important for those who have taken a gap and have decided to rejoin the market. It also allows job seekers to receive and give recommendations. The ability to expand your professional network allows you to strengthen your online presence and tap into different sources of information. You can gain information regarding your prospective boss or recruiter by checking to see the groups that they belong to and the individuals that they follow. LinkedIn is available on multiple devices including laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.


Opened in the year 1995, Reed was one of the first online job boards used by recruitment agencies. They have an extensive range of jobs available across no less than 42 sectors (out of which 20 are special niche sectors) and receive more than 160,000 applications on a daily basis. More than 25,000 recruiters search through the impressive Reed databases that store the CVs and details of more 12 million job seekers worldwide. They offer a wide range of services including flexible recruiting solutions for permanent, temporary, part-time and contractual jobs. In addition, they offer HR consultancy and close collaborations with a number of recruiters that results in an enhanced experience for job seekers. In other words, there are better chances of finding a suitable job vacancy that suits your skills.

In addition, they offer CV and cover letter writing services and help job seekers every step of the way including interview tips and salary negotiation strategies. Reed operates more than 350 offices in the UK and worldwide. Registered users enjoy several benefits including receiving email notifications, manage your applications, create effective profiles and store your CV online.

Total Jobs is a part of its parent entity, the TotalJobs Group Ltd; one of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies that own and operate no less than 6 job boards. These include, (for job seekers and recruiters in the construction industry), (for the catering and hospitality sector), (for tech, IT and telecom sector jobs in the UK), (International catering and hospitality jobs) and (special niche for customer service, design and retail jobs). carries more than 110,000 live job adverts at any time and caters to the requirements of more than 6 million job seekers. The job board is known for generating more than 2 million job applications every month. The job board is used regularly by thousands of companies, recruiters and advertising agencies in order to seek suitable candidates for different job posts. caters to recruiting needs of multinationals as well as smaller regional offices looking to recruit the right employees.


With over 160,000 live job vacancies, CV-Library is one of UK’s fastest growing job boards. Job seekers can apply directly to preferred job vacancies using the one-click feature or create customised search notifications in order to stay updated on relevant job vacancies. By using the right keywords, you can get notified of job vacancies promptly so you don’t lose time in applying. Moreover, you can get notifications delivered either to your email or to your CV-Library account.

The mobile app allows you to apply for job vacancies regardless of where the day may take you. You can also access CV-Library job vacancies from your Tablet. You can save and re-run your preferred searches with just one click and upload your CV using cloud apps like Google Drive and Dropbox.  The auto-fill prompts help save time and they help you intuitively fill out information saved from previous searches. Job seekers can easily view the jobs that they have already applied for as well as edit and save cover letters. The website also offers useful and practical career advice, training courses as well as information regarding specific geographical locations (living costs, accommodation, work culture and so on).


One of the oldest and most reputed online job boards, Monster is one of the most trusted websites by recruiters and job seekers alike. From top level executive jobs to work-at-home opportunities, candidates enjoy access to thousands of job vacancies. With an erstwhile mobile and computer-compatible platform, you can access Monster from anywhere and at any time. They are pleased to harness the latest technology to help job seekers and recruiters achieve their objective. They offer two options for job seekers: the traditional, simpler interface as well as the more modern customisable option to find jobs.

The ‘Monster career snapshots’ feature is designed to classify available jobs into neatly segregated categories that allow you to view the job vacancies that correspond to your requirement. In addition, you can also search for jobs using geographic location. Similarly, career benchmarking allows you to compare the benefits of different careers for job roles to help you decide on the best ones for your profile. In addition, the job board provides a list of opportunities that match your abilities, preferences and experience.


This is also one of the oldest and trustworthy job boards operating since 1995 in the UK. They feature more than 150,000 job vacancies every month and provide personalised, relevant opportunities to job seekers. With just a few clicks, you can access job vacancies in over 39 sectors and create your own job searches. They send regular notifications and job alerts straight to your inbox and you can control the number of times you want to be notified. You can access their services on any device and rely on the authenticity because they are a part of the StepStone Group which is known for their strong presence in the recruiting sector worldwide. They offer access to more than 100 company websites and receive over 44 million job seekers every month.

NHS Jobs

The National Health Service is the single largest employer in the UK and NHS Jobs is their online job board. More than 25,000 posts are offered on the job board and this is the perfect platform for you if you are interested in working for the National Health Service. Just so you know, a number of health organisations outside the NHS also advertise openings on their job board. The board offers a number of features including the setting up of a ‘dummy’ application form that you can use to apply to jobs speedily. In addition, the website intuitively fills up the application form and also helps you track your application status.

For some job interviews, you can even communicate preferred times and days. Moreover, you can rate organisations for their response and give feedback on the NHS jobs website.

If your forte and objective is science, academic jobs or research, is one of the best job boards that list vacancies from over 700 organisations worldwide. The job board was launched by the University of Warwick in the year 1998 and is now considered a top recruitment website in the UK in its niche. Registration is free of cost and you can have email alerts delivered to your inbox. The website also features more than 600 career advice articles, professional career development advice and tips.

Online job boards have revolutionised the process of searching for a job. While the traditional way involved a lot of time and effort into reading newspaper advertisements or walking up and down to offices, online job boards do all the hard work for you.  Not only do you have a wider field to choose from, you can feel assured that your CV is already up for prospective employers to view. Professional recruiters and HR executives are seasoned at searching applicant databases and short-listing suitable candidates. In addition, if your CV is out of date, or your practice with writing cover letters is rusty, the job board experts will be happy to offer assistance.

Most importantly, top job boards are extremely reliable and you can trust the authenticity of their information. There are very few chances of scams, for example, and you can apply to unlimited jobs. Most of the job boards are free of cost (some of them may charge for additional services like helping you to write your CV) and are quick and convenient. As a busy mother, job boards help save you two important resources: your time and money. With just a little bit of time and effort, you can land the job of your dreams right from the comfort of your home.


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