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Motivational Twitter and YouTube Accounts You Should Be Following

Twitter and YouTube have become some of the most popular social media websites in recent years. Political leaders, worldwide celebrities, news/media corporations, businesses and even the common person all use these accounts as a means to keep up with what is going on in the world and within their circle of influence.

Since they offer a worldwide platform to anybody, many people use them as a means of sharing ideas and new ways of thinking. As a result, motivational accounts have become popular for people to follow.

If you are already on your phone to use twitter or view videos, odds are high that there are better things you can be doing in most circumstances. Since you enjoy using these sites already, you can easily turn this habit of procrastination into something that will help you in your daily life. For your reference, we have carefully picked some twitter and YouTube accounts which are great to follow for daily motivation. Whether you are looking for a positive dose of self-help, career guidance, inspirational quotes or hearing from influential thinkers, there are several accounts you should be following.

Twitter Accounts to Follow


Ali Brown has been described by Business News Daily to be the “entrepreneurial guru for women” and posts almost daily on strategies to becoming the best person you can be. Whether it be how you receive your income, what you are doing for work, or strategies for becoming greater, Ali Brown is one of the leading personalities to stay in touch with for female entrepreneurs who need a little bit of motivation. If you find yourself struggling at work or with what you do for a living, you need to follow Ali Brown.

Ali Brown constantly features new success stories and personalities on your twitter page. You might find interviews with budding entrepreneurs and rising stars in the world’s workforce. Ali Brown has a regular radio show which you can access via her twitter page and constantly shares some of the most inspirational moments and ideas described on the show later on twitter. If the reason you are looking for some motivation revolves around your finances, Ali Brown is a great person to learn from.


Sir Ken Robinson runs one the UK’s leading motivational twitter pages and consistently offers positive content that will help you through a bad day. Robinson is both an author and experienced TED speaker and has a worldwide audience who likes to keep up with his latest updates. The content he posts is a balance between inspirational quotes, promotion of his own books and social change efforts. If you want to hear from one of the world’s positive personalities, you might enjoy hearing from Sir Ken Robinson on twitter.

Although Robinson likely desires people to purchase his books so that you can hear his ideas in greater detail, many of the positive messages he tweets echoes many of the same thoughts that he condones in his writing. Touching upon a wide array of subjects, including social change, positive thinking and politics, Ken Robinson posts motivational content every day for people who need the extra inspiration. If you want an extra twitter page to follow that will keep you both motivated and informed, this should be one of your top options.


This twitter account features content which is engaging and motivational geared towards mums and independent women who enjoy hearing the perspective of famous influential women. Featuring constant quotes and perspectives of inspirational women from history, this is a great twitter account to follow if you enjoy hearing how strong and confident women in history responded or reacted to a popular social issue. Although this is the intention of the page itself, there is also consistent posts that do not necessarily quote a woman from history.

Many of the posts feature content that is simply uplifting and adapted from popular quotes without a clear author. As a result, although the content is geared towards illustrating motivational quotes throughout history, the audience of this page finds positive messages that can help them retain a healthy mindset all day long. No matter what your personal circumstances are, you should consider following this page to add some more positivity into your life.


If you are a business-minded person who wants to get more out of their professional life, She Negotiates is one of the most uplifting rising stars in the twitter world. Featuring content that helps you to feel confident enough in your abilities to negotiate and reach professional conclusions that you desire, this is a great twitter page for becoming a stronger person. Often, people can be so nice that they let others stomp all over them. If you are one of these people, She Negotiates is a great page for helping you become better with your rhetorical and negotiation skills.

When you think about it, much of the daily decisions we make in our family and work lives are the result of negotiation between two or more parties. In the end, the side with the best ideas and logic behind them are normally the ones who get their way. If you find yourself constantly in a position where you are left out of the diplomacy room, for example, She Negotiates is a great page to follow and help make you confident enough to stand up for yourself in a positive and influential manner.


Daily Motivation (@MotivateN0w) has one purpose on its page, to inspire others and help them get through their daily lives. As the name of the page implies, each of the posts on this account is gearing at motivating you to be happier now. Most of the content that you will see on this page are either quotes, memes or inspiring artwork. If you are somebody who would rather see a positive message than learning more about the person behind the content, this is one of the most positive twitter pages you will come by. Featuring content that is updated more than once daily, this is a consistent hub of motivational content to help you through your daily routine.

Many of the posts on this page feature simple statements that help you keep your current circumstances in check, and realise that a happier mindset is always within your grasp.

Since the entire purpose of the page is to spread positive inspirational messages, it is hard to be let-down by this page. Although you might not be inspired by every single post on this page, there are consistent gems that you will want to keep in mind.

YouTube Accounts to Follow

As much as we might wish otherwise, every day is not perfect. On days that we don’t feel on top of our commitments, it can be refreshing to hear positive, motivational messages from others. After all, there isn’t a price tag that comes with a little bit of positivity. If you are looking for some extra motivation, we have carefully hand-picked YouTube channels for you to visit.

TEDx Talks

Odds are high that you have already heard of Ted Talks at some point in recent times. TEDx Talks has risen to become one of the world’s leading platforms for facilitating social change since its launch in 2006. Leading thinkers from all across the paradigm of different religious and political beliefs have all had the opportunity to take the podium and share their ideas for the future. There are few topics that are off-limits for TEDx Talks, as they will often speak about topics which are otherwise controversial for daily conversation. Since the topics are normally breaking, motivational, and positive, many people choose to watch a TEDx Talk whenever they need some inspiration for the day.

Anybody who wants to find the best motivational YouTube channel which is usually family-friendly, diverse in its content, and great for pulling yourself out of a rut and living a great day should consider watching some TEDx Talks. Since there is almost always a new speaker, there are a wide variety of different perspectives that are shared on the Ted platform. Many motivational speakers today would consider it an honour and a privilege to even be able to make a TEDx Talk video themselves. As a result, this is easily one of the best YouTube channels for finding some motivation.

Mari Forleo

Mari Forleo is a down-to-Earth and intelligent YouTube channel which helps its viewers to see through the barriers that lead to developing a negative mindset and lifestyle. With her bright personality and peculiar intelligence, Marie is a leading female self-help specialist who features some of the world’s leading thinkers and authors on her channel. When she isn’t interviewing popular figures, she makes her videos to touch upon popular inhibitions to happiness, such as fear, courage, negative thinking, a great career, and relationship issues. If you want to hear a consistently positive message that you can take with you to work or on your workouts, this is one of the best YouTube channels to start watching.

Whenever she can’t say it best herself, Mari recruits popular figures to share the message themselves. This marketing strategy has helped her to have nearly 500k subscribers and one of the most powerful and influential platforms on YouTube for self-help and motivation. Since there are a wide-variety of beneficial topics, influential figures, and consistent content, many people will choose to watch Marie Forleo’s MarieTV over another popular programming  option such as news and movies.  Next time you need a healthy dose of inspiration, keep the news off and turn on a positive figure such as Mori Forleo.

Video Advice

Video Advice is a great YouTube channel to follow if you want to receive some motivation on a hard day. Featuring an array of motivational content which touches upon a wide range of subjects such as self-motivation and accomplishing new goals at a new phase of life, this channel features a diverse range of content that will be beneficial to any subscriber that simply needs some motivation to keep going. This is especially a great channel for anyone who likes hearing from other people who are considerably successful and simply want to share their life’s experiences. These qualities are what make this channel a great source of inspiration for viewers of all types.

With over 400k subscribers and new content that is added more than once a week, this is a consistent hub of positive inspiration for many already. Since this channel has a diverse array of content which has been pointed out by both women and men of all ages to be a source of consistent motivation, this viral YouTube channel has proved itself as being a source of routine motivation for many people already. Anybody who finds themselves on a bad day might notice a quick turn-a-round after watching this channel for a while.


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