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How to Advertise your New Business on Facebook

pay people to do your homeworkAs a business, advertisement is one of the most important things to boost new clients and sales. Not too long ago, people used to call in early to make sure they got their advertisement printed in the daily newspaper. The larger the audience that you can reach with an advertisement, the better. This is why newspapers were an extremely popular means of advertisement in the past.

However, as the world adapts it is necessary for us to adapt to it. Since becoming widely accessible, the internet has become the best way to reach potential clients either domestically or internationally. Since there are no longer barriers to communicating with somebody either a kilometre away or all the way around the world, many people choose to take advantage of advertisers like the giant social media corporation Facebook.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Since a rather large number of people (over 1 billion) in the world use Facebook, it has risen to become one of the easiest ways to spread the word about your business. However, since there are a wide variety of approaches and different ways of using Facebook as a means for advertising, it is important that you consider all of these different avenues before purchasing any sort of advertisement campaign.

For example, you can decide to purchase an advertisement which generates more traffic to your social media page, website, posts on your social media page, and you can even set up campaigns to get the contact information from interested customers. Since there are many different ways you can advertise to an audience of 1 billion, it makes it easier to access for a wide array of advertisement needs.

Facebook uses a system which allows you to generate an extremely targeted reach, where you can even pinpoint potential clients by figuring out what pages they like, where they live, what languages they speak, what their beliefs are, and so on. Since you can narrow down who your audience is and even receive a number of people it can reach, it is one of the most effective means of advertising.

How to Advertise your Business on Facebook: 3 Main Strategies

Before you have somebody else run your advertisement campaign for you, realise that it is rather simple to do. For a business page (pay people to do your homework), there are only 3 major types of campaigns that you can do. To access a list of potential advertisement campaigns for your personal page, navigate to your social media page and then click the “Promote” button to see a list of main options. Keep in mind that your page type might help generate different individual options than the ones presented below.

Once you reach this page, you will probably want to learn more about each of the potential options before you decide which one is best. Since there are different niches of social media pages, you might be presented a slightly different list than the one above. However, there are three themes in the different types of campaigns which can be broken down and considered from all of the different types of advertisements. Here are the three main types of Facebook campaigns that you will find across different types of social media pages.

Advertisement Strategy No.1: Lead Generation Campaigns

If you have a new business, getting leads on interested clients is one of the ways to instantly boost your income. There are many different ways that you can do this, such as redirecting them to a link to your website and fill in contact info, giving your customers coupons or similar items to use in-person, boosting the visibility of an event that you created and generating an offer to be used on your company’s website.

There are a wide variety of ways to collect leads, whether you are a locally-based business or one that connects to potential clients worldwide on the internet. Depending on your personal budget and needs, you will need to decide which method you want to pursue. For instance, you might ask customers to fill in a contact information form so that you can e-mail them coupons for your local store on a consistent basis.

Advertisement Strategy No.2: Website Conversions and Traffic Campaigns

A popular option for people who have a website and want to drive customers off Facebook and then convert them to potential customers on your website. These sorts of advertisements are very popular for people who either have a heavy online presence already or want to increase their website’s visibility. If you have already put in the work to build a beautiful website, you can heavily benefit from Facebook advertisements since they have a ginormous base of users both locally and internationally.

There are many different ways that you can set up a campaign for increasing website traffic such as picture-based ads that show up in unrelated news feeds. These can include multiple product pictures that your potential customer can scroll through. You can also just make a simple one header image that connects to your website. These types of ads can be for a wide variety of purposes, such as boosting sales and downloads of mobile applications, sales on your websites and the overall purpose of pulling customers away from Facebook and onto your desired link.

Advertisement Strategy No.3: Brand Awareness and Page Promotion

If you have a social media page that you want to use to the fullest, you might be interested in an advertising campaign that allows you to increase awareness of your brand and boost the overall credibility of your business’ social media page. These are great for people who want to engage with plenty of their customers online through social media and ideally, lead them to sales in the future through whatever your sales strategy is.

This can be done by advertisement campaigns to boost engagement on your posts, videos and likes on your business page. In any case, this type of advertisement strategy should be pursued by business owners who are looking to boost the awareness of their brand on social media and increase online presence on your business page.

Simple Advertisement Campaigns for New Businesses and Novice Users

If you simply want to explore how well Facebook advertisements work for you before you get too intricate with all of the possible demographic and picky details behind each of your advertisements, you might choose just to do a simple advertisement campaign that can be easily done by a novice or beginner user of Facebook within minutes. Here are a few of the popular options for small business owners.

1. Boost Your Business Page

To set up this sort of advertisement, navigate to your social media page URL and then find the location on the page which displays how many likes that you have. If you are logged in as the page owner, there should be a button nearby to “Promote Page”. If it is not visible by the links, it might otherwise be navigated by clicking on a “Promote” button and then clicking on “Promote Your Page” and then following the on-screen instructions.

In any case, the purpose of doing this advertisement is to increase the presence on your business’ Facebook page. This shouldn’t be confused with boosting individual Facebook posts from your business account or having customers go to your business website. If you want to get more likes on your Facebook page, for example, this is a great way to attract real people to your business page.

2. Promote Your Business Website

If you simply want to experiment with getting people to a link on your website, this can be easily done using your business’ Facebook page. If you have supplied your business web address on your Facebook business page, the link to access this advertisement should be found by navigating to your business Facebook URL and then clicking the “Promote Website” button. From this page, it will give you a sample advertisement which a common user will easily be able to customise within minutes.

With this sort of advertisement campaign, it is easy to direct a lot more traffic to your website using the massive platform that Facebook has. If you are confident that your website is professional and attractive enough for users, it can help lead to a lot of sales which can then, later on, turn into regular clients. This is for people who want their advertisement to take people off Facebook and convert them into potential customers.

3. Boost Social Media Page Posts

People who are active on social media will often realise how difficult it is to engage an audience for a new business. These people are the ones who will benefit the most from a simple post to boost the activity on your business’ social media posts. To do an advertisement like this, simply log into your business account and look at one of your recent posts. It should have a button that says “Boost Post” on most of your recent posts.

When you click this button, it allows you to customise the settings for your advertisement and it will be showing up in potential customers’ newsfeeds after the review process. This sort of advertisement is great for people who want to have a heavy presence on social media. Many successful food or product brands will purchase this advertisement to keep people talking about their brand by interacting with the page’s content.

Advertising Using Facebook Ads Manager (For More Advanced Users):

Although each of the above campaigns can be easily created by the common user, it doesn’t give you full insight into the full features and capabilities offered for business owners who are a little more tech savvy. If you choose to advertise with Facebook Ads Manager, you can narrow down your audience using the built-in tools. Just keep in mind that setting up an advertisement using Facebook Ads Manager can be a tad more time-consuming if you are new to using this module.

If you have some extra time on your hands, there are many different benefits to creating an advertisement on Facebook Ads Manager. To start this process, click this link to go direct to the advertisement creation module for Facebook Ads Manager. You will then go through a slightly more detailed process to create a more personalised advertisement. For your reference, here are the steps that you need to pass through in order to set up a successful advertisement on Facebook Ads manager.

Each of the following steps will now include the name of the tab you will be using in brackets so that you can keep on track with the steps required for advertising your new business on Facebook.

1. [Campaign] Select the Type of Advertisement

Before you can place an advertisement, you need to be savvy with the type of advertisement you want to receive. Some examples of this might be website conversions, clicks to your website, page likes, app installs, video views, and much more. If you already know which type of advertisement that you want, click and it will take you through the basic process of getting your advertisement started.

Once you are familiar with the different types of advertisement campaigns, the fun of using Facebook Ads Manager really starts to develop. For example, you will now have a more customised audience and will be able to get the most advertising options possible.

2. [Campaign] Define Your Campaign Objective

To start your advertisement, the first thing you will need to do is define who your audience is. If you have a vast collection of e-mail addresses, for example, you could use this contact information to have Facebook send out to their registered Facebook accounts. Additionally, anybody who is a known visitor to your website can also be defined as a member of your audience.

Start by navigating to the “Campaign” tab and selecting your type of advertisement. When you are finished fine-tuning your settings, finish by finalising your Audience name and clicking the “Continue” button which will take you to the next step in setting up your advertisement. Remember that you still have plenty of settings left to add regarding your audience and not to spend too much time here.

3. [Ad Set] Enter Your Audience’s Demographic Information

Once you get to this point, you should see the ability to enter locations, age, gender, languages and so on, of your advertisement’s audience. Think about who the average person is that would be interested in your product and service, and be as detailed as possible. This will help ensure that you get an audience which is pinpoint-targeted solely at people who would be interested in potentially becoming your client.

If you are a locally-based business, this will be the portion where you ensure that your advertisement doesn’t reach people who would simply not be interested in buying from your business. For example, you wouldn’t advertise your coffee shop in the heart of London to Facebook users over in New York. Odds are that the vast majority of these people will never come to your coffee shop after seeing your advertisement.

4. [Ad Set] Enter the Detailed Targeting Behaviours, Connections and Save Audience

This is the portion where you will probably do the most planning. Imagine Facebook as being a highly advanced engine for recognising who the Facebook user truly is, behind the profile. Using the information that the user supplies to Facebook, such as their current work status, where they live, interests, behaviours and just about any sort of thing that might be of convenience to somebody like yourself who wants to have a very targeted audience.

Be sure to spend plenty of time thinking about all of the pages that your clients might like and every detail behind who they are according to their Facebook settings. You might be surprised at how large your potential client base is, even when you enter in dozens of different precise details. Once you have finished pinpointing your target audience, make sure to click the “Save This Audience” button to keep this strategy for later use.

5. [Ad Set] Bid for your Advertisement Campaign

Now is the time to think about what your advertising budget is. You can calculate this either as a recurring daily budget or a lifetime budget for your advertisement campaign. Depending on what type of advertisement campaign you are running, what type of advertisement you place will affect what exactly you are paying for. As a result, you will need to keep the data in the “Audience Size” tab in mind as you are bidding for your campaign, as it will give you an idea of how much of an effect it will have.

For example, website conversions can be priced per-click or per-impression. Page promotion strategies will pay by the results accomplished through the campaign and likes will result in an estimated amount of new page likes based on past data. In any case, make sure to view your results in the “Audience Size” module on the right side of the screen.

6. [Ad Set] Confirm your Campaign’s Ad Set

Using the charts and demographic information, make sure that you are satisfied with all of the information before continuing on to designing your ad using Facebook’s online advertisement tool. For example, you might want to edit the placement of your advertisement, add the connections you already have or simply just make sure that you have all of the settings right in the Ad Set before you start designing and finishing your ad.

Since each of the settings is a potential variable that either adds or reduces the cost, finish by making sure that you are getting the best possible deal for your bid by playing around with some of the settings that don’t really matter to you. Once you are completely finished fine-tuning your advertisement settings, go ahead and click the “Continue” to take you to the page to design your ad.

7. [Ad] Finish by Designing and Completing Your Advertisement

Depending on your advertisement strategy, you will now be presented with various different options for designing your advertisement. This page is where you will find the settings to add in your URL, personalised images and to format the advertisement itself. Be sure to follow the up-to-date settings and specifications provided by Facebook for things like your pictures, headline, and so on.

While you are selecting all of your settings and filling in your personalised information, you should see what your advertisement will look like in the “Ad Preview” column on the far right. In any case, make sure that you are happy with the overall look and design of your advertisement and the quality of the words you use before moving onto the confirmation.

How to Advertise your New Business on Facebook: Quick Summary

Learning how to advertise your new business on Facebook may seem like a complicated and time-consuming process, but the benefits that come with reaching out to a worldwide market offset the minor downfalls of having to learn how to use their system of advertisements. If you become informed about the different advertisement campaigns they offer and then choose to either do a simple advertisement campaign or one through Facebook Ads Manager, it is easy to create a massive audience or sales boost if you create a successful advertisement.

People who run local businesses that don’t necessarily need to reach out to a global audience can also benefit from Facebook advertisements. If you design your advertisement on Facebook using Facebook Ads Manager, you can make your advertisement pinpointed to a very precise audience that can either be a global or locally-based audience. Since Facebook advertisements allow you to essentially even list the beliefs of your potential customers, there are few options in the world for advertising to such a large audience which narrows down in a definitive manner to a select group of likely clients.


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