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Fed Up of the Corporate Rate Race? 5 More Exciting and Interesting Work from Home Careers

Many parents may be interested in working from home but they may still be held back by fears or myths regarding income potential, feasibility of working from home and so on. These mental blocks and doubts may prevent you from seriously pursuing work from home ideas. Any work at home career requires full time research and planning before you start. You can customise your work hours in tandem with your family’s needs and schedules and work at the time when you are most productive. Working from home requires commitment, discipline and motivation, but once you develop the requisite skills and personal traits, you can earn a very good income right from the comfort of your home. Research indicates that satisfaction and fulfilment in work and family life permeates every region of our lives. Achieving the right work-life balance involves planning and effort, but a flexible work schedule can help you put forward your best.

Read on for a list of 5 dynamic work-from-home careers that can help you earn a decent income as well as allow you the flexibility to spend time with your family and children.

How to become a Voice-Over Artist from home

Have you noticed that there are thousands of audios, advertisements and videos online? All of them require someone to provide an effective and professional voice-over. While some companies require you to provide a voice-over in the studios, this is an excellent work-at-home career option and is a fun job too! You can earn a regular income as a regular narrator. In order to become successful in this career, you need to develop your most important asset – your voice. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of valuable pounds taking professional courses.

Read on for some tips on how to improve your voice for a career providing voice-overs:

  • Find your own voice – If you’ve noticed, most of today’s audio tracks and video voices are casual, everyday voices rather than the typical announcer type tone and diction that was popular some years back. Just focus on speaking clearly. Although, your standard speaking voice may be just fine, you may have to concentrate on enunciation. The best way to improve it is to record your voice and play it back. This may seem strange at first but you will get used to listening for indistinct pronunciations and slurring, etc. Clarity is the key to success as a voice-over artist.
  • Even if you have to provide a voice over for odd-characters, do it with confidence. Lack of confidence shows up in your voice. When you speak with enthusiasm and interest, listeners can easily relate to it. Many times, a script may sound different in your head to when you speak it aloud.
  • Learn how to breathe easily so that your voice is not strained, and drink lots of water so that you do not feel parched after speaking a lot.
  • Read the material before you start your voice-over. For example, if you are providing a voice-over for a technical video session, ensure that you are able to read the jargon correctly.
  • It’s a good idea to stand up and speak rather than sitting down. This is because standing up helps in opening up your voice and breathing while sitting down tends to compress your breathing muscles.

You can do voice-overs with the help of simple equipment such as a USB microphone (these are available at competitive prices online), audio interface and software. You can expect to earn anywhere between £30 and £70 for providing professional voice-overs.

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How to become an Infographic Designer from Home

An infographic, as the name suggests, is a graphic or visual representation of information. The primary objective of infographic designing is to transform a complex idea or boring content into an engaging experience for the reader. Text can often prove to be challenging to navigate and understand, but visual design is simpler to comprehend. Infographics play a crucial role in content marketing and should ideally be attractive, clear and convey an engaging idea to the target audience. Infographic skills are often used in SEO and content marketing. According to statistics from Hubspot, searches for Infographics have gone up by 800% and they are often shared on social media and other platforms and instantly convey a set of complex ideas at one shot.

The following tips will help you develop your skills as a talented infographic designer:

  1. Research the field and take a look at different infographics advertised on the Internet. You can find several images on Pinterest. Observe the flow of content and the elements used.
  2. Include one strong graphic that is the central point of your theme instead of creating an overwhelming blend of graphics and text. Using one main graphic, you can flank it with text and information. This will help reign in the tendency to go overboard with too many images, facts and figures.
  3. The main objective of the infographic should be to convey the main idea in a quick time. The reader should be able to absorb and understand the main points. The infographic need not convey every little piece of information. You need to be able to discriminate between essential and non-essential information. Infographics are used to convey a single, central point to the audience.
  4. Use colourful, fun ideas in order to be able to understand boring, complex topics. Even if you are designing the infographic for corporate use, make it interesting and fun. It’s very important to understand your target audience and then create the infographic around their requirements. Do not use generic themes; relevant and targeted infographics achieve their goals easily.
  5. The infographic should ideally strike the right balance between graphic and information.
  6. When you are just starting out, promote your infographics on social media and ask people to share it.
  7. Stick to the right size. If your infographic is too large, the developer may have to downsize it and it may lose readability in the process. Ideally, do not exceed 8,000 pixels in resolution and 1.5 MB file size.
  8. Use a killer headline to grab the reader’s attention – keep it short and snappy at no more than 70 characters.

The infographic should read like a short, interesting story and take the reader seamlessly and sequentially across ideas. It should encourage a flow of thought rather than simply a bunch of information pieces together to look colourful. Infographic designers make anywhere between £30 and £50 per hour. The good news is that you can work at your own pace and time.

How to become a Contract Drafter from Home

A contract drafter is an individual who creates a formal contract agreement out of a business agreement. This job is extremely well-paid and you can earn between £30 and £ 100 per hour because it requires in-depth knowledge of the industry in question and should be legally sound. This is a good career for those who have specialised knowledge regarding a specific industry or those who have a legal background. However, contract drafting can be learnt and you can develop your skill over time.

Strategies for creating watertight business contracts:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, business contracts need not be marked by legalese and technical jargon. Clear-cut, concise and user-friendly language helps create a good contract. Remember to number the paragraphs and provide headings.
  2. Remember to include important details such as:
  • Date of the contract
  • Names of the parties: Exercise caution when you spell out names of companies or individuals. Details have to be precise and accurate.
  • Payment amount and due dates: This should cover prepayments, due payments, part payments and so on.
  • Contract expiration dates: Contracts are always valid for a certain time period.
  • Potential damages, missed deadlines: This will explain damages in the event of breach of contract.
  1. The contract should serve as an instruction book for the parties involved. Include even small, simple details. You will be able to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. The agreement in its formal and final form is called a contract.
  2. Stay consistent in the use of terms. For example, if the parties are called ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’, stick to the same terms throughout the contract.
  3. Write numbers in numerals and words.

Your job as a contract drafter is more of an administrative one where you type out an agreement in formal format. The services of freelance contract drafters are often used by businesses, etc. that do not have a dedicated administrative department. Important skills required to become a contract drafter are excellent skills in the English language (bilingual skills are a plus), good typing and formatting skills as well as the ability to pay attention to detail.

How to offer Financial Services from Home

If you have a head for numbers and have a background in finance, economics, etc., you can offer financial analysis and services from your home. This way, you can enjoy the income and security of a full time job without the hassle of commuting, etc. There is an increasing trend to outsource financial jobs to freelance workers and moreover, there are several services that you can offer. Read on for a breakdown of different financial services that you can offer from home.

Financial writing services:

This is one of the least publicised jobs in the financial sector but financial writers are always in demand for their expertise and skills. This job is more specialised in nature and is different from article or blog writing. In the last few decades, there has been an explosion of websites, literature, as well as newsletters, etc. in the financial field and as a result, there is no dearth of financial writing jobs in the freelance market. Financial topics are often dry and technical and you may need to bring these subjects to life using your skills and talents as a writer.

It’s a good idea to gain experience writing about popular finance topics such as investing, stock market trading, Forex trading and retirement planning and so on.

While financial background or experience is an added plus, it’s not necessary. Read financial journals, magazines and so on and build your knowledge base. There are scores of financial companies that will be happy to offer you a steady stream of work writing articles, journals, blog posts and web copy for them. Financial writers are highly paid and as you develop a portfolio of good reviews, you can expect to enjoy excellent earnings in this field.

Freelance accounting services:

Freelance accounting is becoming increasingly popular and you can offer bookkeeping from your desk at home. Gone are the days when accounting needed a lot of human resources: entering data into books, filing away statements, physically filing taxes and so on. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and accounting software packages, you can offer freelance accounting services to multiple clients. While hourly billing is one option, it’s also a good idea to offer monthly services to companies. For example, you can offer account reconciliations, day-to-day accounting services, end-of-year accounts and so on. You can also consider offering billing and invoicing services for clients. Thousands of clients look for freelance accountants on a daily basis – there is plenty of work.

All you need is a reliable computer, high speed Internet connection and a good accounting software package. There are several efficient and user-friendly accounting tools available for freelance accountants including Sage Accounting Software, ZipBooks and WorkingPoint. While there are several free accounting software packages available, it’s better to pay a nominal sum to buy a reliable one. They offer several additional features and cost anywhere between £10 and £30.

Financial consultant:

In order to offer freelance financial consultancy from home, you need a background in finance at a management level. If you have decided to give up the corporate rat race, offering financial advice from home could turn out to be a lucrative and interesting work-from-career option. Maximise your network of contacts and put out the word online as well as offline and market your services at every turn on social media, LinkedIn and so on. It’s also a good idea to offer consultancy services in a specialised area of the finance industry so that you can build a niche for your expertise. Initially, you may be obliged to accept lower payment for work as you build up your portfolio of experience and recommendations.

Tax filing services:

You can also offer tax filing services to clients and businesses. Most business entrepreneurs and private individuals prefer hiring a professional to file their taxes online.

How to become an Online Tutor

E-learning is rapidly becoming an accepted and popular mode of learning in the UK. Tutors no longer have to commute to students’ homes in order to teach. Online tutoring can add value and support the overall learning experience of students.

With an increasing number of parents working to make ends meet, children often need assistance and guidance with homework, assessment preparation and so on. Online tutors are in demand in the UK and this is an interesting way to earn a good income from home. To begin with, identify a subject that you are passionate about or proficient at. You can then consider applying to one of the websites that connect tutors and prospective students online. If you teach students from other countries, then you may have to consider logging in online at night. Online tutoring is usually paid by the hour and you can expect to earn between £15 and £50 per hour, depending on your experience and the students that you teach. College or university tutoring could earn you a higher income.

You can consider enhancing the students by following the tips given below:

  • Initiate interesting learning activities for the students or groups of students.
  • Develop your own knowledge and skills in the subject
  • Keep your language simple and free from technical jargon – you are there to help them learn
  • Provide feedback on informal or formal assessments or assignments
  • Demonstrate patience, empathy and the willingness to interact. Avoid making it a monologue and talking down to students

If you wish to establish yourself as a freelance tutor, you can publish your portfolio on social media and spread the word through friends and acquaintances. As far as equipment or technology goes, you do not really need anything except a computer and a high speed Internet connection. It may also be a good idea to brush up on the subject and invest in a few textbooks and reference books so that you are updated with the syllabus in schools and colleges. Develop friendly and easy communication skills and put yourself in the student’s shoes – they are seeking assistance from you.


How to become a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment consultancy services are extremely in demand because you connect deserving candidates to suitable job openings. While there are several online recruitment websites that advertise jobs, this is one field where candidates often prefer a personal consultant who will invest time and effort into helping them obtain employment. It’s a good idea to build a network by connecting with HR and employees of other companies. Sometimes, you will get to know of job vacancies through word-of-mouth. Begin by building a portfolio of candidate CVs, contact details and job preferences. Many times, companies are happy to hire candidates from a recruitment consultant who has provided them with suitable candidates in the past. Recruitment is often a time-consuming process for busy offices and they are happy to hire external consultants to get the job done.

As with other careers, the first couple of jobs may need hard work and effort. Once you successfully provide candidates, you can then begin to build a portfolio with successful placements. This job requires networking skills and keeping an ear to the ground as far as vacancies and skill sets go. You can also gain perspective by browsing through the wanted sections of company and recruitment websites to get an idea of the skills that are in demand. Some general tasks and duties of a freelance recruitment consultant are described in the following list:

  • Advertise openings online, in newspapers and magazines. Weekend adverts are more likely to get noticed as candidates will have more time to browse through available jobs
  • Develop a strong understanding of the industry, skill sets wanted and work culture
  • Receiving and reviewing candidate resumes, background details, etc. and creating a database of candidates
  • Negotiating salaries and perks for the candidate
  • Organising and planning interviews and tests and so on. You can consider training candidates for interviews

To become a successful freelance recruitment consultant, you will need to be tenacious, target-driven and motivated. In addition, you may wish to develop resilience and confidence. Recruitment consultants are typically outgoing, extrovert and energetic.

Online work platforms like Upwork, and are good places to begin your work at home career. Regardless of the nature of work, you must be prepared to plan and research the field meticulously before starting out. Working from home can net you an extremely good and steady income and you must remember to pay your taxes just as you would for a regular job. Online payment transfer websites like PayPal and Skrill can help accept payments from clients and you can then transfer the payment to your bank account. Most websites are mobile-compatible which means you can always check on your messages or respond to them at any time. As you work and build an impressive repertoire of experiences and skills, you may wish to consider specialising in a chosen niche. Working from home affords flexibility, convenience and better work-life balance.

According to a study conducted by freelance work platforms, most people quit regular jobs and opt for working from home out of choice rather than necessity. To be honest, seen in the light of increasing job redundancy and a moody economy, working for multiple clients appears to be a more attractive option. Technology and the evolution of the Internet have rendered physical location an unnecessary factor. You are able to work and deliver quality work to clients and compete effectively in a competitive marketplace by using the right strategies.


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