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Edited at 15.04.2020 – Good essay Introduction Outline to Use in 2020

The Best Way of Writing a Good Essay Introduction

Regardless of your academic level or whether you’ve been writing essays for at least five years, an essay introduction is an essential part of any academic application. The introductory part plays a crucial role, even if it is not about the subject of your essay. If you want your essay to stand out and capture the committee’s attention, then a good essay must be well-written and convince the audience that you have excellent writing skills.

But how do you know which steps to follow to compose a good introduction for your essay? In most cases, students assume they can follow a standard essay outline and include the three following steps:

  • Select the key points from your topic
  • Write a thesis statement that serves as the main idea for your essay
  • Brainstorm for several drafts before settling for the final copy
  • Have a powerful introduction statement that grabs your readers’ attention
  • List the main points that will transition your content to the next point
  • Proofread, edit, and proofread your essay to ensure no error has resulted in an essay that is disorganized and does not showcase your writing skills.

When it comes to the main points to focus on, students often make the mistakes of putting forward several points in one paragraph. Others leave the paragraph with the main point or the thesis statement. The mistake can be rectified by putting the topic sentence at the end of the introductory part. Doing this can help create a logical flow of ideas that makes it easier to write the body of the essay.

Writing a Good Essay Introduction

When you follow the steps described above, your essay will have a beginning, middle, and ending section. The sentences that follow each main point will depend on the kind of essay you are writing. For instance, a topic sentence can have three main points, including the thesis. This sentence, along with the thesis statement, acts as the topic sentence and acts as the introductory statement.

The points should flow naturally when they are presented in a chronological way. For instance, introducing the topic sentence can place the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph, then introducing the body sentence can place the topic sentence in the middle of the paragraph. Doing this will make it easy to capture the attention and ensure your central point is clear and impressive.

When you decide to put the thesis statement in the opening sentence, ensure it captures the attention of the reader. Typically, the thesis will come first, buy custom essay online followed by the argument that follows then. When the sentences become disorganized, the readers are confused and can easily lose interest in the content.


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