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5 Easy Ways to Build a Website for Your Business

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Starting your own business can be an interesting venture and a great way to earn income even from the comforts of your own home. If you are looking to start a business, having a website can be a great way to attract customers, advertise services and receive feedback.

Whether it be opening a new café or starting your own arts and crafts e-commerce store, you will need a good website to draw in potential customers. But where does one start when making their first website? What is a domain? Is owning a website expensive?

A domain is your website’s name. Unfortunately, not all domain names are available and some can even be costly depending on the popularity or ownership of the domain name. Owning a website does not have to be expensive so long as you use the right website builder and tools.

Becoming an Entrepreneur, All at the Touch of a Button

Developing your new business can be a nerve-wracking experience at first, especially with all the regulations that surround various types of businesses, the goods and services you wish to offer, employees, and so on. While it may seem hard, being an entrepreneur is a very rewarding experience that has opened up plenty of opportunities for people to earn money both in and outside their homes.

It has become increasingly important for business owners to have a website of their own. Not owning a website for your business can actually cause you to lose both money and potential client opportunities. Whether it be a blog, an e-commerce store for your arts and crafts or selling your services as a freelancer, a website is the best way to get new customers in the door and receive immediate feedback.

Google and many other tech giants have made it a very easy process to purchase domain names so long as you abide by their rules. Unlike some search engines, Google offers their own website optimization services once you have your website created. This service will help you get traffic to your website so long as you use enough keywords, known as SEO (search engine optimization).

Top 5 Best Ways to Build Your Online Business Website

Buying a domain and coding often causes people to turn away from the idea of building a website for their business. After all, who has the time to learn all the intricacies of coding and web design?

Thanks to a variety of website building companies, building a website is no longer a tedious process. In fact, there are many different website building companies that simplify the entire website designing process as well as make it extremely easy to maintain your new webpage once finished.

However, not all website builders are equal. Some website builders still require you to know some coding, may not offer what you need, and/or not have adequate cybersecurity options.

Major features to look for in a website builder are:

  • Offers a wide selection of website templates and designs
  • Has mobile design capabilities
  • Is able to help you with choosing a domain name
  • Offers a variety of subscription prices that can fit almost any budget
  • Makes it very easy to upload any photos or galleries
  • Has a reliable and attentive customer support team
  • Offers users a shopping cart service
  • Is able to sync with your social media accounts
  • Offers a secure web hosting environment
  • Does not require knowledge of coding to use

Depending on your business needs and goals, your business’s webpage budget and ideas concerning the web page’s design, any of these website builders will make creating your first new website a breeze:

1) WordPress

WordPress is one of the most well-known website builders currently on the market. It is one of the easiest webpage builders to use and is great for both bloggers and small-business owners. This builder offers 350 different templates along with customization capabilities for business logos, images, colours, fonts and more.

As a nice bonus, WordPress even offers its own analytics tools and SEO capabilities. This will ensure your website is easily found by customers and clients alike.

Subscriptions price plans:

WordPress offers four major subscription plans. You can try out the free option to accustom yourself to the various tools. If you like the website builder, you can purchase a personal plan for $5 per month, a premium plan $8 per month or business plan for $25 per month.

2) Shopify

Another well-known website builder that is popular among e-commerce businesses both big and small. This website builder is built to connect various online shopping platforms ranging from Facebook shop to selling on Shopify is also great for those who participate in craft shows, marketplaces, and so on.

The website builder offers a decent set of tools to help get your online store up and running without any issues.

Subscriptions price plans:

Shopify offers all users a 14-day free trial. If you are satisfied with their services, you can purchase one of their subscription plans. The standard prices are basic Shopify for $29 per month, Shopify for $79 per month, advanced Shopify for $299 per month, and Shopify plus for $2,000 per month. Prices will fluctuate depending on the amount of monthly revenue you earn.

3) Wix

Wix offers one of the largest arrays of website templates for you to choose from. This website builder uses a simple drag-and-drop method and will suit just about any type of business out there. Wix offers users unlimited pages, web hosting and a few other perks for free.

Subscriptions price plans:

Wix offers a free plan so that users can try out the platform’s website builder. If you intend to use Wix, you will need to purchase one of their three major plans. Wix offers users a combo plan for $14.50 per month, an unlimited plan for $17.50 per month and a business basic plan for $25 per month.

4) Weebly

Weebly is great for a small business that is looking for a good website builder and mobile capabilities. They offer users an app market to help simplify webpage customization. On top of helping you create the website of your dreams, this builder also offers email marketing services, blogging services, SEO optimization services, e-commerce options, and more.

Subscriptions price plans:

Weebly offers users a wide selection of plans including a free option. Other plans offered are the connect plan for $7 per month, a starter plan for $14 per month, a pro plan for $18 per month, a business plan for $35 per month and a performance plan for $46 per month. If you choose to pay yearly the prices are slightly cheaper.

5) Sitey

Sitey is a website builder that offers users a little of everything, ranging from online store capabilities to mobile development options. This website builder is great for small business owners looking for a reliable 24-hour hosting service and easy to set up and use website templates.

Subscriptions price plans:

You can try Sitey for free to understand the basics of how this website builder works. Sitey offers users a starter plan for $4.98 per month, pro plan for $6.49 per month and an e-commerce plan for $12.49 per month.

Final Thoughts

The age of small business and entrepreneurs is constantly growing around the world. Thanks to the Internet, Google and the many different website builders, it is easier than ever to achieve your dream with little to no coding experience required. Take a chance and explore your dreams as a future business owner today and own your own business online.


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