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Once you know your BIOS’s version number and motherboard model name, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and search for updated files. Typically this firmware, which is provided by your motherboard’s manufacturer, doesn’t need to be updated very frequently. In fact, you shouldn’t need to update it at all unless you’re having problems with your computer’s hardware. If you’ve started having hardware glitches, updating your motherboard’s BIOS is a typical troubleshooting step. It rules out firmware issues and allows you to focus on whatever hardware problems may exist.

  • It’s also very important that the flashing process not be interrupted in any way.
  • If you choose the option, it should allow you to select the firmware file from the USB drive.
  • So it’s important to match the update to your exact board.
  • Each BIOS looks different, but it should be an option that either mentions updating or flashing the BIOS.
  • Some motherboard models have multiple hardware revisions.

Double-click the .EXE file to start the process of updating the BIOS. The update will take a few minutes; do not restart the computer or turn the computer off during this process.

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Copy that file in the root directory of the USB key, and rename it to 701.ROM. If your model is 901, then the download file should contain version.ROM and it should be renamed to 901.ROM when copied on the USB key.

Motherboard manufacturers should replace Bios flash chip with Micro SD Card. Imagine burning Bios to spare Micro SD Card like burning ISO to USB and then turning off PC and replacing the Micro SD Card with another Micro SD Card that has updated recuva download Bios in it. This will make updating Bios tons easier and bricked motherboards will become history. Meltdown and Spectre cannot be patched fully even with bios updates, the only way is to replace CPU with unflawed CPU. Good to know that with Linux, bios updates is pretty much optional.

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In most cases, you should select the latest BIOS update, and usually you will select the .EXE version. Increased stability—As bugs and other issues are found with motherboards, the manufacturer will release BIOS updates to address and fix those bugs. This can have a direct impact on the speed of data transfer and processing. Rounding up our list of top 5 motherboard manufacturers, Biostar also offers a BIOS update utility you can run on Windows, letting you check for new versions, then download and install without much fuss. This means you first have to identify your mainboard’s chipset to download the proper @BIOS version.

Now that you know the ID you use it to find out whether BIOS updates are available. Either visit the manufacturer’s website directly or use search terms such as ID BIOS update to find specific support and download pages directly. Unlike Microsoft Windows, anti-virus or other software updates which are usually automatic, BIOS on a PC has to be updated manually. CyberPowerPC recommends updating the BIOS as part of your scheduled update cycle. BIOS update is a software utility that updates the programming of the most basic hardware in a PC.

The Asus Live Update utility allows you check for new firmware, drivers and BIOS updates. Even though it’s generally a trustworthy application, it was recently reported that Live Update servers had been hijacked and compromised systems with malware. The latest revision is safe to use and it does bring about the suggestion to use these utilities for upgrading and then uninstalling them and not allowing them to run when Windows starts. Your motherboard make and model should appear in your command prompt. Google this information with the added bios tag to find your BIOS versions available for download.

BIOSis an acronym for Basic Input/Output System, also known asSystem Setup. BIOS is a firmware that is embedded on a small memory chip on the PC’s system board or motherboard. It acts as an interface between the PC’s hardware and the operating system. BIOS also contains instructions that the PC uses to perform basic instructions such as whether to boot from the network or hard disk drive.


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